Helene Blanche X Rudolph Care

Established in 2009, Rudolph Care is a Danish beauty brand that combines exclusive luxury with sustainability, responsibility, and transparency founded by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph.

Rudolph Care commissioned Helene Blanche to create an artwork for the exquisite luxurious Rudolph Care universe, drawing inspiration from the body silhouette & organic shapes.

The artwork applies as Christmas print to a collection of beauty products alongside a limited edition Glowgetter box, a tote bag, and luxury packaging items, released in November 2021.

The SOFT SILHOUETTE print is painted with soft brush strokes on silk paper, capturing the body silhouette, curves that meander in a feminine landscape, painted with gentle rhythm to emphasize the body’s organic and soft lines.

The colour flow emphasizes lightness, darkness & transparency created from a colour palette that balances light pink pastels with deep, dark blue shades inspired by the twinkling stars in the Christmas midnight sky.

“My wish was to create an illustration that embraced the core of the Rudolph Care universe with a poetic print narrative. Thank you to the powerful Rudolph Care team & founder Andrea, for an open and positive work process & dialogue”. – Helene Blanche