I am attracted to, and instinctively fascinated by the simple: the beauty in a line, a brush stroke, or a drop of ink. My job is to compose these elements, by way of repetition, so that a pattern emerges. Then comes the colours. My working process is all about allowing the prints and patterns to unfold in a vibrant and artistic process Helene Blanche, Textile Designer


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Discover a fine selection of lampshades in various shapes and sizes, carefully crafted by Danish artisans and designed by Helene Blanche. The lampshades have a timeless expression with old-school references and works beautifully on a selection of both contemporary and vintage lamp base for both a modern and classic décor.


‘Classic Pleated S33’ lampshade crafted in Drop Linen, ‘Rose’.

Painted Ikat

New Fabric And Wallpaper Collection

Paying tribute to Kasuri, an old Japanese ikat weaving technique, the Painted Ikat Collection presented as printed fabrics and wallpaper, brings a modern look to these traditional and time-honoured skills. The artwork by Helene Blanche is original, hand painted with light brushstrokes in ink on silk – leaving the final printed collection decorative and characteristic with its defined brushstrokes. The soft abstracted ikat design, with historic and artistic references and intricate pattern, will provide for a classic and artistically refined ambience. 

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Painted Ikat fabric shown as curtains in ‘Ochre’ along with a pair of armchairs upholstered in Azurite’


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Discover a selection of hand made cushions. Every piece offers a classic look and playful details encouraging a refined and lively décor.


Cushion in Moiré Stripe ‘Plum’.

Silky Linen Sienna

New Fabric Colour

Bold rust and earthy tones. The name Sienna refers to its origin: An earth pigment, a deep reddish-brown, known and used in its natural form by the ancient Romans. The Silky Linen Sienna fabric possesses elegance and grace, with its refined composition of silk and linen. It adds to the feel of a warm and welcoming, yet elegant and distinct interior setting. The new colourway perfectly complements other designs found in the Helene Blanche collections such as Painted Ikat, Polka Stripe, Drop, and Painted Stripe.

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Silky Linen fabric shown as curtains in the new Sienna’ colourway. Lampshade in Painted Stripe Silk.

Moiré Stripe


The Moiré Stripe fabric is perfect as a playful complement to a more conservative setting – or for acting as the lead part in a highly sophisticated and well curated interior decoration. The unique composition of cotton and linen makes the moiré seem crisp and elegant. In stripes, the subtle moiré effect provides a mixed gloss and matt surface, giving the fabric its decadent and glamorous expression. 

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Moiré Stripe fabric, ‘Blue Porcelain’ and ‘Scarlet’.

The Collections

Helene Blanche’s fabric and wallpaper collections are deeply rooted in their design origins. Her exploration of how a single drop of ink behaves when it meets a surface gave rise to the Drop Collection, while the study of the “perfect imperfect”, brought her to reimagine the classic stripe, resulting in the collection Painted Stripe. Her fascination with female 20th Century Danish weavers led her to investigate the relationship between a piece of hand-stitched fabric and hand-drawn dots on linen, which became the Stitch Collection. Her playful exploration of small dots on fabric yielded an observation of how a myriad of dots forms a linear stripe with a woven expression, which became the Polka Stripe collection. 

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