Polka Stripe

A stylish fabric and wallpaper collection with a classy, refined ambience

Immerse an ornamental dimension to the interior space, embracing and honouring classic decorative styles

Eivor´s Stripe

Bring decorative charm to your home with Eivor´s Stripe fabrics, a stylish collection available in seven colourways

About the designer and founder of the brand

There is a poetic elegance to Helene Blanche fabric and wallpaper collections, that blend Scandinavian attention to detail with a timeless classic essence to stand the test of time. This refined craftsmanship embodies impeccable quality with lightness of movement. An organic purity founded on utmost respect for design, which can grace any decor style with minimalistic harmony.  

"I am attracted to, and instinctively fascinated by the simple: the beauty in a line, a brush stroke, or a drop of ink. My job is to compose these elements, by way of repetition, so that a pattern emerges. Then comes the colours. My working process is all about allowing the prints and patterns to unfold in a vibrant and artistic process"

Helene Blanche, Textile Designer and founder

A classy, crisp linen never goes out of style. Designed in various delicate colors and patterns, the printed linens work brilliantly as soft curtains as they drape with grace and bring endless opportunities for personal expression.

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