Eivor's Stripe Collection

The Eivor´s Stripe collection bridges classic craft methods and modern design, showcasing Helene Blanche’s passion for stripes and dots. With a careful repeat of hand-painted, organic dots and soft lines, the ikat striped pattern gives a stylish decorative impression that fits beautifully into a contemporary and international interior setting. 

The colour palette

A chic collection embracing the subtle marriage of graceful lines, embellished organic ikat shapes, and decorative modern flair.

The colour palette ranges from pale soft tones, pale rosy peach, brown canvas, dusty moss, rust combined with teal and greens, and lovely blues. 

Indigo is a striking blue colourway with an alluring element of freshness, adding a stylish spirit to the interior.

Moss is a soft green colourway with a vintage expression yet with a contemporary twist.

Rust is a captivating colourway with stylish notes of orange and moss green adding a vintage feel to the interior.

Peach is a colourway of subtle rosy peach and sage. An elegant and romantic hue with dreamy ambiance, adding layers of embellishing grace to your interior.

Plum is a playful colourway of delightful hues of plum and indigo adding graceful charm to the interior.

Teal is a stylish colourway that adds both nostalgia yet with a modern spirit to the interior.

Drop is printed with a flexographic technique, using rubber covered rollers cut in relief, which allows the pattern to come alive with fine and tonal details.


This bedroom is designed in Eivor’s spirit, embracing a classic decorative approach with a detailed romantic ambiance.

Canvas is an elegant colourway that adds style and grace with an old-school touch to the interior.

A pattern brought to life from hand-painted drawings of ikat embellished shapes and soft, uneven stripes, create a new pattern of decorative joy and eclectic romanticism.

The repeat of Eivor's Stripe is small, making the wallpaper well-suited for both small and more significant spaces.


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