Helene Blanche X Elle Style Awards

The Elle Style Awards show celebrates the fashion world, and the utmost in designer talent, stylists, significant style icons, and fashion communicators in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

For the 2016 Elle Style Awards, Danish Elle Magazine commissioned Helene to design an exclusive floral print, as visual continuity for the entire event; from invitations, VIP lounge decorations, and even to the 33-metre long red carpet adorning the front entrance at the Elle Style Awards. 

Inspired by the poetry of the wildflowers along the Danish roadsides, Helene brought the colourful and creative flower print FLEURELLE to life, amassing a floral variety of poppies, cornflowers, fritillaries, snowdrops, and daisies. The true organic nature of the design was emphasised by her hand-painting technique using ink and watercolours.

The remarkable 33 metre-long carpet runner was produced in collaboration with Elle and Ege Carpets. Hundreds of needle sharp stilettos walked down its colourful, floral length towards the front entrance of the stunning venue at Koncerthuset, the Danish concert hall,

“My initial pattern sketches always involve hand-drawing and painting techniques. During the creative working process for the FLEURELLE design, it was important to be open and playful, thus enabling the final result to be highly dynamic and partially un-polished. FLEURELLE was created out of my desire to pay tribute to wonderful Danish meadow flowers in bloom.” – Helene Blanche on the FLEURELLE carpet at the Elle Style Awards.