Helene Blanche X I LOVE BEAUTY

I LOVE BEAUTY is a well-loved beauty universe and shop, founded by the Danish beauty expert Charlotte Torpegård. 

Renowned for its excellent array of exquisite and delicate fragrances, and pure make-up ranges, I LOVE BEAUTY’boutique is situated in King’s Garden Copenhagen, in one of the charming and historical pavilions.

In 2017, Charlotte approached Helene to design a flower print for the ILB universe. Drawing inspiration from the abundant floral variety of King’s Garden, the commissioned artwork captures a wonderful botanical selection, such as yellow roses, red poppies, bright green branches and foliage, all hand-painted using ink and watercolour. The artful bold fusion of bright colours emphasise the flowing, and playful strokes. 

Helene Blanche’s artwork is printed on soft silks, and applied to a delightful collection of hand- sewn cosmetic bags and sleeping masks, a charming little handcrafted music box, as well as alongside selected luxury packaging items such as fabric bags & delicate paper boxes.