Introducing Needlepoint Stripe Wallpaper

We are delighted to introduce Needlepoint Stripe, a new collection of wallpapers designed by Helene Blanche. Drawing references from traditional craftsmanship, such as fine needle and stitching work, the collection reflects a passion for decorative arts of the past and brings them into modern life.

The Needlepoint Stripe wallpaper bridges classic craft methods and modern design, showcasing Helene Blanche’s passion for stripes and dots. With a careful repeat of countless hand-drawn, slightly oval dots, the pattern takes its inspiration from traditional needle and stitching work, forming a striped pattern with a textured impression, beautifully printed on non-woven paper.

“I have a life-long appreciation and admiration for decorative textiles and traditional handcrafts, such as needlework and sewing – that awe-inspiring union of rare luxurious fabrics combined with exquisite attention to detail and technique. Applying skills like layering embellishments, fine stitching, needlepoint and embroidery, the beauty of these crafted fabrics is remarkable. With Needlepoint Stripe, I wanted to simplify this richness to create a modern collection, drawing references from the classic needle and stitching work, giving these crafts a renaissance unfolded on print”, explains Helene Blanche. 

The modernist inspiration for this clever geometric motif underpins its mesmerising mid-century feel and a subtle stylish tranquillity – perfect for a contemporary, worldly interior setting.

The Needlepoint Stripe wallpaper comes in six colourways, each with their own crisp and individual characters: Green Earth, Ochre, Sienna, Blue Teal, Rouge and Charcoal – which can be easily adapted and used in classic and contemporary design schemes. The elegant tactile feel and understated depth of the pattern is enhanced by a special flexographic printing technique, using rubber covered rollers cut in relief, which allows the pattern to come alive with fine and tonal details.