Introducing Townhouse Collection

We are delighted to announce the release of Townhouse, a new pattern by textile designer Helene Blanche, as well as introduce our new and exciting design collaboration with The Darling, a brand-new Copenhagen-based design guest house.

Entailing a repetition of cubic squares, Townhouse is a geometric pattern creation with an uneven, soft rhythm, to emphasize that “perfect/imperfect” feel which gives it an artisan art and crafts mood.

Townhouse’s geometric composition and nostalgic appearance draw clear references, both from classic 1950s mid-century wallpaper and the avant-garde art movement of the 1920s.

“Painting the motif on paper by hand provides a ‘crafted’ expression in this design. This aspect of ‘imperfection’ gives Townhouse its character. The graphic repetition of the pattern results in a softer and more distinct design,” Helene Blanche explains.

The wallpaper comes in two colourways – Blue Smoke and Champagne. Both have subtle colours, matte finishes and individual expressions. The fusion of a refined colour palette with the geometric theme gives Townhouse that nostalgic, classic and timelessly stylish look.

As with all of Helene Blanche’s printed wallpapers, this geometric pattern was first drafted on paper to give it a hand-crafted expression, then printed using a surface print method, specifically pioneered to replicate hand block printing. This technique is the pinnacle of a unique and highly-skilled way of manufacturing wallpaper. 

Helene Blanche x The Darling 

The Townhouse has been created especially for The Darling, a brand-new Danish design guest house, located in the heart of the historical centre of Copenhagen, and founded by Uffe Buchard and Jens Løkke. The Darling will be opening its doors on October 20th 2020.

“We are extremely proud to have worked with Helene Blanche on the bespoke wallpaper design for our luxurious residence. Approaching Helene was a natural choice for us as we always adored her aesthetics and ability to come up with something very special and personal. The process was effortless, as we actually loved the first pattern Helene presented for us. She understood where we wanted to go straight away, and we worked together on getting the colours for The Darling just right. And the result is stunning. We can’t wait for our guests to fall in love with the Townhouse collection,” says Uffe Buchard.

“My work with the language of colour and abstract motives is a continual experiment. With Townhouse, I wanted to create a geometric composition with soft curves and a changeable rhythm, like a well-composed piece of jazz, to complement The Darling’s stylish setting,” Helene Blanche explains.