Introducing Silky Linen Sienna

“A tribute to the skilled Italian artisans who manufacture our woven collections. We send you our thoughts and support in these difficult times,” with love from Helene Blanche.

The Silky Linen fabric collection by Helene Blanche is woven from the finest Italian silk and linen fibre yarns. It is a labour of love and a true celebration of craftsmanship. Skilfully woven by the fifth generation of weavers at a family-owned Italian manufacturer, the Silky Linen is loved for its refined style, timeless character, and great potential as drapery.

Bold rust and earthy tones. The name Sienna refers to its origin: An earth pigment, a deep reddish-brown, known and used in its natural form by the ancient Romans. The Silky Linen Sienna fabric possesses elegance and grace, with its refined composition of silk and linen. It adds to the feel of a warm and welcoming, yet elegant and distinct interior setting. The new colourway perfectly complements other designs found in the Helene Blanche collections such as Painted Ikat, Polka Stripe, Drop, and Painted Stripe.

Silky Linen is a modern take on the classic silk taffeta. The fabric has its origins in the San Leucio textile district in Italy, with its centuries-old weaving tradition. The colours reference to those found in the elegant and ornate Italian palazzos from the era of aristocratic grandeur merged with the neo-classicist style of Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. 

The delicate blend of silk and linen, which Silky Linen consists of, expresses modern minimalism with classic elegance. The irregular aspect of the spun silk fibres and light dyed yarn magnify the distinctive features of the woven fabric and give the textile collection its decadence. The Silky Linen fabric collection is available in six colours – each with a deep richness and individual character: A stunning gold, a deep elephant grey, a rich moss green, a pearl blue, a pure white, and a dark red-orange.