Introducing the Painted Ikat Collection

We are delighted to announce the release of the Painted Ikat Collection, designed by Danish textile designer Helene Blanche in complementary fabric and wallpaper. 

Paying tribute to Kasuri, an old Japanese ikat weaving technique, the Painted Ikat Collection presented as printed fabrics and wallpaper, brings a modern look to these traditional and time-honoured skills. The artwork by Helene Blanche is original, hand painted with light brushstrokes in ink on silk – leaving the final printed collection decorative and characteristic with its defined brushstrokes. The soft abstracted ikat design, with historic and artistic references and intricate pattern, will provide for a classic and artistically refined ambience.  

“To captivate the simplicity of the Japanese Kasuri weave technique, I hand-painted the Ikat shape with reference to the historic hand-crafted skill. Drawing the motif in hand, ink on silk, defines the ‘crafted’ expression and soft, distinct character of the Painted Ikat collection. I like the idea of giving of a traditional and simple hand-crafted technique new life as a pattern on both fabric and wallpaper,” Helene Blanche says.

The striking illustrative expression, characterised by the soft rhythm of the hand-drawn Ikat motif, and the durability of the screen-printed linen will add to the feel of a grande and vivid, yet well-composed and coherent interior. The Painted Ikat fabric is elegant and classic; bringing time-honoured skills to bear in a modern look. A screen-printed fabric, 100% Belgian linen of the highest quality, the Printed Ikat fabric is especially suited for curtains and light upholstery. The Painted Ikat fabric is available in four colours: Green Earth, Ochre, Sienna and Azurite. 

The Painted Ikat wallpaper is printed with a flexographic technique, using rubber covered rollers cut in relief, which allows the pattern to come alive with fine and tonal details. Its colourways of Green Earth, Ochre, Sienna, Azurite all derive from nature’s reserves and have been used as painting colours since ancient times. The timeless colours, combined with the characteristic ikat motif, make the Painted Ikat wallpaper seem both nostalgic, classic and eternally stylish. Like all the Helene Blanche wallpapers, Painted Ikat wallpaper is produced by British craftsmen, who are proud to celebrate the skills they have obtained to produce their beautiful wallpapers since 1838.